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The vision behind Can Do Bristol is to unleash the potential for community and social action across the whole city, with everyone from individuals to large groups being able to use it to make a positive difference where they are. While Bristol City Council are the Founding Partner for the site, Can Do Bristol is truly a collaborative and inclusive endeavour rather than a project owned by one organisation.

Special Interest Partner

One of Can Do Bristol's most exciting features is the Timebank which allows individuals to offer and exchange time and skills with one another. We are currently piloting our first timebank in Southmead and have therefore welcomed Southmead Development Trust as our first Special Interest Partner. Southmead Development Trust will be responsible for managing the timebank in Southmead.

Participation and Engagement Group

The vision behind the current look, functionality and usage of Can Do Bristol is predominantly courtesy of The Can Do Bristol Participation and Engagement group, a group of organisations (representing communities across the city) who worked collaboratively to develop the platform and promote it across the city. These members are:-

Other Associations

Become a Can Do Partner

Can Do Bristol has been created and designed to be an inclusive and city-wide platform with ownership and responsibility shared by a partnership of individuals, groups and organisations, both big and small.

We are currently looking for a variety of prospective partners to help sustain a free-to-use Can Do Bristol with opportunities to become a lead partner (alongside Bristol City Council), a special interest partner or a campaigns partner.

  • Lead Partner: We are looking for a maximum of six "lead partners" who have control of the Can Do Bristol platform for admin and revenue raising purposes. These partners will be visible as a primary partner alongside Bristol City Council.
  • Special Interest Partner: A special interest partner has admin access to the activities that are tagged to their area of special interest (e.g. Bedminster, Dementia). These partners will be visible as an associate partner and there are no limits on numbers.
  • Campaigns Partner: A campaign partner is a sponsor of a citywide campaign and will be visible as a campaign sponsor. Again, there are no limits on numbers (note: we will shortly be launching our first campaign).

This three-tierred partnership model is how we plan to sustain the Can Do Bristol platform without resorting to advertising or wishful thinking, which nobody wants!

The benefits of this approach to our members is this: they won't receive any unwanted sales messages, so they can focus on doing good, in the knowledge that this platform is (and will always be) free at the point of use.

For all partner enquiries, please message the Community Resources team.

Public Body (e.g. BCC, NHS)

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Community Resources Team

Local Authority

Bristol City Council's Community Resources team work alongside communities and partners to help...

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