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The principle behind Can Do Bristol is that everyone has something to give, and that collaboration between people and organisations is key to positive change in our city.

Since we quietly went live with Can Do Bristol in early 2017, we have been making improvements and responding to feedback. For example:

  • Groups and organisations can badge themselves as ‘looking for volunteers’;
  • People can badge themselves as ‘interested in volunteering’.
  • Projects that ask for money, volunteers or materials can be embedded into other websites.

We will also be launching the ‘Community Exchange’ shortly. The Exchange enables everyone - individuals, groups and organisations - to ‘make an offer’ or ‘make a request’ to their community.

Everyone who uses the Exchange will be able to earn credits simply by giving their time or materials to others. These credits can then be exchanged with others or donated to the ‘community pot’ (which will be used to support people who may not have the means to earn credits themselves).

For anyone familiar with Asset-Based Community Development, Timebanking initiatives or Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS), the Community Exchange supports these principles of mobilising individual and community ‘assets’ – focusing on what communities have to offer rather than focusing on their problems and needs.

To that end, we invite any business or organisation in Bristol to explore with us what offers they could post onto the Can Do Bristol platform that might incentivise others to do more for their community.

To get things moving, Bristol City Council will be the site administrator in the first instance, although we are clear that this platform is for everyone in Bristol. We welcome others taking this responsibility on.

We know that every great movement starts with a tiny group of people who simply refuse to accept a situation. Our ambition for Can Do Bristol is to foster an active community network of likeminded people who connect their ideas and their passions to drive things forward.

Can Do Bristol can help you make a difference in your community. If you have something to offer, just get started. Together, we Can Do more for Bristol.

For all enquiries, please contact Dominic Murphy.