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Castle Park improvement (Friends of Castle Park)

Added by
Russ Leith
on 10th July 2020

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  • Litter picking
  • Gardening
What matters to you
  • Wildlife / nature / outdoors
  • Parks / green spaces
  • History / archaeology
  • Health / wellbeing
  • Gardening / growing
  • Corporate Volunteering / Team Building
  • Community safety / crime
  • Community / neighbourhood action
Bristol neighbourhood
  • Bristol City Centre

Castle Park is situated in the historic heart of Old City, on the junction of the medieval cross roads, in Character Area 1 (Medieval Core) of a Conservation Area. Castle Park is home to Bristol's first church (St Peter's) and first fresh water source (St Edith's well) and, if that's not enough, it is our only Harbourside park.

All that makes Castle Park very special and deserves being Bristol's flagship park.

Friends of Castle Park is committed to making the park as good as it can be. This means limiting litter, tagging & graffiti, reducing drug & alchohol misuse and by tidying up established flowerbeds and encouraging new planting.

If anyone is interested in helping Castle Park become a better place and give it the status it deserves, please join Friends of Castle Park to become part of priding up Bristol's most historically significant park. 

We have regular work sessions on the first Tuesday of every month from 13:00 to 15:30pm



The first Tuesday of every month, from 13:00 to 15:30

Provided by Friends of Castle Park

Contact name
Russ Leith
Email address

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