Park protection & enhancement

Friends of Castle Park

Key roles and objectives for park volunteers:

  • Gardening with the Incredible Edible team.
  • Gardening and clearing up in the Physic garden with St Mungo's.
  • Gardening and clearing up around the rest of Castle Park with Park Work.
  • Organise promotional and celebratory events within the park.
  • Lobby ward councillors, BCC parks departments and BWC for improvements in the park.
  • Consult with park group members about and, apply for funding for, park enhancements.
  • Engage with regular park users to cultivate positive relationships to encourage respect for the park and discourage anti-social behaviour in it.
  • Monitor and report issues in the park as they arise to BCC Parks department, the police or Bristol Waste.
  • Promote and represent Castle Park at Bristol Parks Forum meetings and other city-wide park-related events, to generate interest in and encourage membership of Friends of Castle Park.
  • Liaise with police and BCC to improve safety and security in Castle Park and consult with concerned residents.
  • Talk to local businesses about collaborative working on park issues and distribute park information.


FoCP Mission Statement:

  • To inform members about park developments, activities and history.
  • To pay homage to the contribution of those who have sacrificed their lives in war.
  • To provide a platform for members to post interests, opinions and concerns about Castle Park.
  • To gather members' views to be used as evidence for influencing decisions about important park issues.
  • To celebrate the diversity, history and beauty of Castle Park and ensure that these attributes are shared with as many people as possible.
  • To ensure that the significance of the castle ruin and vaulted chambers, St Peter’s Church, St Edith’s Well, and St Mary le Port’s Tower and ruin are well known to Bristol residents, businesses and visitors.
  • To keep Castle Park as a priority for Bristol City Council and local people, to ensure that it attracts attention and funding in order to maintain and develop its presence and position in the city centre as Bristol’s only Harbourside green space, a main thoroughfare and an important destination for workers and visitors.

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Castle Park is situated in the historic heart of Old City, on the junction of the medieval cross roads, in Character Area 1 (Medieval Core) of a ... Read more

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