I am currently unemployed due to long term health issues which are gradually being resolved. Before unemployment I was an aerospace engineer heading up a global team of quality engineers. Since unemployment I have also volunteered as a proof-reader, as a researcher at SS Great Britain and as a reader leader. In the past I have also been a school governor and have worked in charity shops.

I am interested in volunteering as a way to give something back to the community and also as a medium term step to returning to employment in the future. My main skills are:

* Business systems creation and analysis

* Data analysis

* Knowledge management

* Proof reading

* Basic Maths, English and Science knowledge

* Knowledge of primary school systems

* Friendly demeanour working across different cultures

I am also interested in an outside role i.e. gardening, park maintenance, even though I have no prior experience in these areas. I am a reasonable cook but have no qualifications in cooking. I have reasonable physical health but am unable to do heavy lifting.

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