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I moved to the Bristol/Bath area recently. Six years ago I helped to set up West Berkshire Therapy Centre in Thatcham, Berkshire. We help adults with mobility problems to exercise under safe supervision, helping them to keep mobile and more independent. We help people with Parkinson's, MS, Stroke survivors, those with rheumatism/arthritis, blind, frail elderly, indeed any disabling situation, providing over 250 individual sessions each week, with a turnover of over £100k pa. We received the Queen's Award for voluntary service and have become highly respected charity within the West Berkshire Health and Social Care sector.

I have a colleague in a sister charity that has developed a similar Community Therapy Centre in Andover, Hampshire and who has substantial funds to set up a similar facility in other locations, including Bristol if there is interest. However we need first to develop a strong network of movers and shakers from within and across the local voluntary sector to ensure any capacity provided can become quickly known about and be well-used. Please contact me if this is of interest to you. Take a look at www.westberkshiretherapycentre.org.uk

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