An education charity supporting disadvantaged pupils to achieve through volunteer tutoring

We deliver tutoring programmes, in partnership with schools, to support disadvantaged pupils across the country.  Education isn't a level playing field in the UK today, as the income of a child's parents can directly impact their own academic attainment.

We want to change this through our tutoring support for both primary and secondary pupils - and help pupils achieve regardless of their backgrounds.  We recognise how powerful tutoring can be in supporting a child academically and we believe it shouldn't be accessed only by those who can afford it. 

The way we deliver our programmes is by recruiting volunteers as our tutors.  Through this activity our volunteers are able to develop a wealth of different skills (interpersonal, organisational, communication), it also provides a link between them and the youngest members of their community - empowering them to give back.  

As an English or maths tutor, you will choose one of our partner schools to volunteer in and work with one or two pupils for an hour a week across the course of a school term. Sessions are delivered on the school premises at the same time each week. We provide all of our tutors with training and workbooks to use in sessions, and we will also process a DBS check for you. 

Due to the current crisis, we are no longer running face to face programmes however we hope to resume these as soon as it is safe to do so. 

We are currently piloting online tutoring over the summer term with a small number of tutors and schools. This will roll out more widely in the Autumn along with an additional in-school year 7 catch-up programme. Online tutoring is a great option for anyone on a busy schedule, less able to get to school locations or continuing to keep their distance from groups of people. Online tutoring also allows us to expand and recruit tutors from outside of our regions.

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Action Tutoring is an education charity that supports disadvantaged young people to achieve meaningful qualifications on leaving primary and ... Read more

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