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on 10th July 2020

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As a charitable organisation, the museum relies on the support and dedication of our volunteers. Without them, we simply wouldn’t have a museum!

Aerospace Bristol offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to make a lasting contribution in a variety of fun and interesting roles. By joining us, you can become an important part of our friendly, enthusiastic and motivated team, learn new skills and meet new people. All our volunteer opportunities have flexible commitment requirements and aim to provide a rewarding, inspiring and enriching experience for all.

We need the support of volunteers more than ever before, to make sure Aerospace Bristol can continue to welcome visitors safely when we are able to open again.

If you have an interest in engineering, history, would like to develop your skills, or would like to get involved with your local community and support your local museum, we would love to hear from you.


We are currently recruiting Visitor Services volunteers ready for when the museum re-opens.

Working with the Visitor Services team to create a warm and friendly welcome to our visitors, we are looking for people who are enthusiastic and friendly with a passion for delivering first class customer service.


  • Work directly with unique, rare collections, making our objects, archive and knowledge accessible to a wider audience
  • Work with our Visitor Services team to engage, encourage and inspire visitors, helping us create an unforgettable experience
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience and skills throughout a variety of roles
  • Develop pathways to employment
  • Help us build strong community relationships
  • Be a part of a friendly, enthusiastic and motivated team and help us build a lasting legacy for our community

We are extremely grateful to our volunteers, whose time and effort have brought so much to the museum. The Volunteer Programme is open to anyone aged 16 and over – If you are enthusiastic and motivated, whatever your background or experience, our Volunteer Programme might just be for you. 

For more information and to apply, please visit https://aerospacebristol.org/volunteer

When: Every week

Ends 31st July 2020

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For more information and to apply, please visit https://aerospacebristol.org/volunteer

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