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Hillfields Library Chess Club Leader

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Bristol Libraries
on 13th January 2020

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Play chess at home and need a new challenge? Willing to teach someone who is new to chess? Or just looking for something to do?


We're looking for a chess player to lead our juniors chess club at Hillfields Library asap and continue the great job of our previous volunteer.


We are not expecting the volunteers to be chess masters but to have a good understanding of  the basic rules of chess and to be able to communicate their knowledge. We would also ask you to commit at least for a period of 12 months. We provide full induction, DBS check and support. Our partner, Chess in Schools & Communities (CSC)* offers free training for those who will be able to take on this role.


(If you’re interested in the role & training but not close to Hillfields library, please still get in touch as we’d like to hear your offer for other possible locations.)


Next chess training session is planned for Wednesday, 19th February 2020 at J3 library, 9.30am- 4.30pm. Places are limited so please let me know asap if you’re interested to become a chess club leader and would be able to attend the training.


*CSC is a charity organisation dedicated to promote the benefits of chess and we will be working together to achieve this. https://www.chessinschools.co.uk/

When: Every week

03:30 - 04:30

Provided by Bristol Libraries (BCC)

Contact name
Vickie Athanatou
Email address

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