Website status

Due to Coronavirus, we've experienced increased traffic as the great people of Bristol look to support our community during this crisis through positive social action. Whilst this is incredibly positive the rate of increase in activity has been fairly dramatic and putting a strain on the email services and making the website slower than usual.

This means some users trying to sign up are experiencing a delay in their welcome email and unable to activate their account. 

Our developers are working hard to resolve any delays, we'll keep you updated here on our efforts. In the meantime, we have admins on hand to help manually approve user accounts. If you haven't received a welcome email within the hour please try logging in. If that doesn't work please contact for assistance.

We thank you for your patience during this time!

Emails update


This morning we've reached out to a few users who didn't receive welcome emails after signing up yesterday. Some users email addresses appear to not exist, this could be a typo or an old email address. If you haven't received a welcome email or a follow-up email from us, please get in touch.

Increases in bounced emails


This afternoon we've noticed a few people signing up have had their welcome emails rejected, or emails have bounced. We are investigating this but if you haven't received an email please get in touch, we can check any issues with your email address and manually approve your account.

Email issues with email throttling


Yesterday the unexpected increase in signs up and the rapid increase in emails being sent resulted in emails being added to a sending backlog by our email provider. This action is designed to protect the deliverability of emails. Today we've been liaising with them and they've increased the hourly send rate and we've cleared the backlog. However, we are looking into alternative providers who can better support our current needs as demand looks set to continue to grow.

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Bristol City Council's Community Resources team work alongside communities and partners to help...

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