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We're seeking Volunteer Guides to take small groups of children around our interactive Safety Centre. You'll help them spot potential dangers in a variety of scenarios, and deliver safety messages so that they can become Lifeskills Detectives, and lead healthier, safer, more independent lives.

Project started by Lifeskills2000 on the 18th June 2018 .
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Lifeskills was opened in January 2000 by HRH Princess Anne. Since then over 170,000 people have received training here and Lifeskills has gained a solid reputation as a Centre of Excellence for the delivery of safety education and training. Around 14,000 people now receive training in the Centre every year, a number that is due to increase to around 16,000 following our redevelopment.

Accidents kill about 14,000 people a year across the UK and seriously injure more than 700,000 a year in England alone. Accident prevention is both simple to deliver and relatively inexpensive leading to huge potential savings to the NHS.

Lifeskills offers an exciting and memorable environment in which to learn. By taking part in activities on our realistic scenarios, which include houses, a road, shop, dark alleyway, a beach and a railway line, visitors can actually experience difficult or dangerous situations in a safe environment and learn how to deal with them.

Our aim is to secure low injury rates without compromising health or quality of life. We know that experimenting and risk-taking are an important part of growing up and everyday life. Lifeskills gives people the skills and confidence to make their own choices and encourages them to live full, independent lives.

Lifeskills is a unique place, and our Schools Programme is hugely popular right across the West of England. We're looking to increase our school intake so we need more volunteers to meet the demand. 

Each schools' annual Year 6 visit lasts around 2.5 hours on a morning or afternoon during term time. As a volunteer Guide, you can choose to cover as many of these sessions as you like (although a minimum of 2 sessions per month is required). We provide comprehensive induction training and we pay expenses.

We have a wonderful team of volunteers, all of whom are dedicated and passionate about helping children to lead the safest lives possible. We hope you'll come and join us!

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