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Can you help people to reduce their sugar intake?

Come and join the team at the world famous Bristol Balloon Fiesta from August 10 to 14, hand out leaflets and give practical information that will help people reduce their sugar intake and combat Type 2 Diabetes. You could witness a world record and have a good time as well!

Project started by Cities_of_service on the 2nd August 2017 .

Project has now ended

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The SUGAR SMART Bristol campaign has joined forces with Bristol Water and City to Sea to relaunch the award-winning Bristol Water Bar, which will be touring popular events this summer to serve up thousands of litres of free water. 

The Bristol Water Bar was a huge success in 2016 as part of Bristol Water’s work with City to Sea’s Refill Bristol campaign, serving up tens of thousands of free refills at Bristol’s flagship summer events, including the International Balloon Fiesta in Bristol, and saving over 15,000 bottles from being discarded.

This year, the team is bringing back the Water Bar in partnership with SUGAR SMART Bristol, led by Bristol Council and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. This effort will tackle two key issues facing our communities – ill health caused by overconsumption of sugary drinks and litter.

You'll be joining this committed team, dedicated to improving health and the environment. Volunteers are needed from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th including the flagship mass ascents in the early mornings and evenings which have a reputation of breaking records.

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