Volunteer Minibus Drivers

Bristol Community Transport provides minibus services for Bristol's community groups, charities, schools, faith groups, sports clubs, youth groups and other not-for-profit organisations. Our Volunteer Drivers help these groups achieve their aims through providing transport to activities and events

Project started by BristolCommunityTran on the 16th August 2018 .
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Bristol Community Transport is one of Bristol's most established and well known social enterprises having started operating in 1984. We provide transport for community groups who hire our minibuses and also a Dial-a-Ride service for older and disabled people who have difficulty using public transport.  In the last year we provided over 240,000 journeys for over 6,000 individuals.

Our services have a huge impact on the groups and individuals using them. They enable communities and individuals to get out and about, to attend events, enjoy activities, access education and a whole host of other services and facilities. They help improve health and wellbeing, enable people to enjoy new experiences, promote social inclusion, and address loneliness and social isolation.

Our Volunteer Drivers are crucial to making this happen by driving community groups who do not have qualified minibus drivers.

Full training, including the nationally recognised MiDAS qualification, will be provided. Volunteers will also receive out-of-pocket expenses.

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