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I have been a community activist in Oldbury Court. Over the last two years I’ve been building relationships with residents and local agencies to find out what we care most about and how we can do things to ourselves.  Oldbury Court falls in the bottom 3% of Indices of Multiple Deprivation in which you can see the lack of social infrastructure, including community facilities and groups. The estate is typically concentrated social housing where people are housed with mental health problems and disabilities. Over the last two years I have held alongside other residents, holding a number of community events and have spoken with over 200 of my neighbours. I helped form a core group of six neighbours who shared an interest in community.  We initiated door knocking over 100 neighbour’s doors to find out neighbours interest, passions and skills. I supported a group of residents who were experiencing social isolation to form a coffee group which advertised themselves to the wider community. Unfortunately after six months or so the group stopped running as few residents left for employment but they still maintain contact with each other and share friendship.

I worked with four of my neighbours to put on a food sharing event in June 2018. The idea of the event came from neighbours who are interested in organising family activity and cultural celebration. I door knocked 150 homes with a neighbour and we got 20 people contributing food – 80+ people attended and we secured funding from Bristol Food Connections. I enjoy building stronger relationships with neighbous and local organisations including Symington Road Play Out Group, Care Forum, Vassall Centre, Hillfield, Little Hays Family Centre and Baptist Church. I have a great knowledge of the people who live in Oldbury as over the last 2 years I have been a community activist and organised fun events and activities with my neighbours from across the whole estate. 


Community activities

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