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Cossham Gardens is a nursing home in Kingswood with 20 people living permanently here. Residents at Cossham Gardens have complex health needs as a result of an acquired brain injury or a progressive condition.

It can be a challenge to be a part of our local community and we really do rely on volunteers to make a difference. Just one or two hours a week can make such a difference and volunteering helps with our own sense of wellbeing. It is a win-win situation.

So whether you are looking to add experience to your CV or are looking to give back to the community or just want to look into the possibility of volunteering we could love to hear from you. Click the email below to send a message to Michele, our volunteers coordinator.

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Every Monday morning we have a music group at Cossham Gardens playing songs chosen by residents and banging the odd tambourine or shaking maraccas - ... Read more

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