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Welcome to the Community Pot

The ‘Community Pot’ enables you to donate your credits to people who might not have the means to earn credits themselves. These credits can be used to buy a range of essential goods and services without real money changing hands.

A credit is something you earn by offering your support to your community. You can do this on Can Do Bristol by exchanging time and physical goods within the Exchange.

This platform has also been set up to allow you to earn credits by pledging your time, money or materials to projects that are crowdsourcing (see the Activities section).

Each credit within Can Do Bristol has a monetary value of £7.50. So, whilst your credits can never been turned into real money (sorry!), you CAN exchange or donate your credits for community-based goods and services using this value as your guide. For example, you might want to exchange your credits for a free meal at a restaurant that accepts credits as payment. If the meal would normally cost £30 – it will cost you 4 credits.

Finally, please remember, that whilst you can earn credits by offering your support to the community, you can also spend credits by requesting help too. So, if there’s anything you or your loved ones need, why not add it to the Community Exchange on Can Do Bristol?

Good luck and happy exchanging.