Southmead Development Trust are working with Bristol City Council Can Do team to trial a new function of the website, Summer 2020 – Spring 2021. And it’s nearly time!

Can Do members connected to Southmead can start signing up from mid-August 2020.

During the pilot applications to join the Can Do Bristol Timebank will be processed from

1)           People connected to Southmead

2)           Individual members with an up to date profile page on Can Do Bristol

So what is a timebank?

Time banking is a way of spending one hour of time helping someone out and earning 1 time credit in return. Time credits can then be spent on receiving an hour of someone else’s time.  Members of Time Banks are not volunteers in the traditional sense but part of a community that can make a difference – helping others by offering  their time and skills when they feel like it.

Time =  currency!

What about other areas of Bristol? For the timebeing BCC Can Do team have limited capacity to work with additional organisations to trial a timebank in their neighbourhood. However, learning from the pilot will help inform further work. To register an interest in timebanking please contact

Peer to Peer exchanges only:

Can Do Bristol Timebank will start by supporting citizen to citizen connections and exchanges. If you represent a community group, charity, business or organisation that would like to join the time bank please contact to discuss. This may be something the Can Do platform offers in the future.

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