What is a Can Do Champion?

In a world – and city – where there are an overwhelming number of connections to be made; finding the ones that matter to you and your community is what counts. Can Do Champions exist to connect with members from a local area or within a particular interest group and offer helpful guidance on how those members can use Can Do to make a difference.

What does it involve?

Rather than being a volunteer, a Can Do Champion will be a recognised member of the community who has the freedom to make connections with others, encourage others to use different functions and generally build momentum around the platform.

We want to empower our Champions to take the lead in developing more of a community within the Can Do Bristol platform. We expect Champions to take the initiative, however as a guide here are some things they might do:-

  • Make connections with other members from a local area or area of interest
  • Encourage other members to update their profiles
  • Encourage other members to opt-in to our regular newsletter
  • Encourage organisations to add new or update existing opportunities
  • Share relevant conversations or volunteering opportunities with members
  • Share news and updates with members
  • Encourage new individuals and groups to register and use Can Do Bristol
  • Gather stories to be shared with the wider Can Do membership.
  • Join online discussions about the development of the platform.

What skills or experience are required?

A successful Can Do Champion can come in all shapes and sizes. We are simply looking for Can Do members who are familiar with the platform (or willing to learn), interested in a particular community and are willing to show initiative to support others and make things happen.

How to become a Champion

The role of Can Do Champion is informal and person-led. There is no lengthy application process.

All you have to do is apply for the Can Do Champion badge with the following:-

  • An explanation of why you’d like to become a Can Do Champion
  • An indication of which part of the city you are most active in
  • Any aspects of community life that matter to you.

Become a Champion 

What happens next?

Once you’ve applied, someone from our team will review your application. If you are accepted, you’ll receive a brief message from us with a little bit more information. If we do not feel this is the right badge for you at this time you’ll receive a message explaining why. 

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