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Slow Walking Movement

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on 17th September 2019

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  • Bristol City Centre
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I would like some ideas of how to run a walking group that focuses on very short walks.  They would need to start centrally and run at weekends or on an evening in the week.  That's because I work full-time for most of the year.

I am interested to hear from anyone who might like to support or attend this type of event.  The secondary focus would initially be well-being.  We might also look at integrating hobbies, and trips to Art Galleries and Museums.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Idea #1. Added by Community Resources Team | 1month ago

I can give you some advise about setting up a regular walk - and connect you to other walk leaders that have experience of running walk groups.

Have you heard of Ramblers walking for health?

Check out their website here:

Drop me a message and we can arrange a chat.

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Comment added by Community Resources Team | 2months ago

Hi! Have you heard of Walking for Health (Ramblers supported initiative) There is Walking for Health walk leader training on 1st October at City Hall. You could meet like minded citizens involved in walking groups at the training. I can also potentially link you up with trained walk leaders who could offer advice too if you weren't able to attend or wanted to do something off your own back rather than attached to an intiative?

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