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Setting up an Albany Road Community network

Added by
on 18th March 2020

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Bristol neighbourhood(s)
  • Montpelier / Stokes Croft / St Andrews / Ashley Down
What matters to you
  • Animals
  • Art / music / culture / crafts
  • Business / social enterprise
  • Children / young people / family
  • Community / neighbourhood action
  • Community safety / crime
  • Corporate Volunteering / Team Building
  • Covid-19 Support
  • Education / learning
  • Food / cooking
  • Gardening / growing
  • Hair / beauty / fashion
  • Health / wellbeing
  • History / archaeology
  • Inclusion / inequality / social justice
  • Intergenerational
  • Over 50’s
  • Parks / green spaces
  • Psychology / spirituality / philosophy
  • Sport / leisure / physical activity
  • Transport / physical environment
  • Wildlife / nature / outdoors
  • Befriending
  • Community development
Volunteer Frequency
  • One-off
  • Regular

Does anyone know of any existing network, community groups or support being offered for people living on Albany Road?
I would like to co-create a network with and for the residents of Albany Road who would be interested. The idea is to build a sense of community for life, not just for times of crisis. So if such a thing already exists or if you're interested in this idea, I would love to hear from you. Thanks

Comment added by startwiththestreet | 3 days ago

Hi! I think I may have just the thing for you! Please take a look at my website on which you will find a printable flyer to distribute on you street and step by step instructions. My aim is to connect people with the neighbours on their street - not just for now, but for a long time to come. Loads of resources and more to come - I'm still building it. If you like it and use it, please let me know and share widely with everyone you know! I would love to see Street Groups springing up everywhere. We have several in Windmill Hill set up this week in this way and all constantly chatting, thriving with 30-60 members on each street and saying how happy they are to be connected with their neighbours. Would love to hear how you get on... enjoy! Carolyn

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