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Northern Slopes Conservation Volunteers (16-25 year olds)

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on 27th November 2019

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  • Sustainable development
  • Street / neighbourhood improvement
  • Litter picking
  • Gardening
  • Environmental surveys
What matters to you
  • Wildlife / nature / outdoors
  • Sport / leisure / physical activity
  • Parks / green spaces
  • Health / wellbeing
  • Gardening / growing
  • Community / neighbourhood action
Bristol neighbourhood
  • Totterdown / Knowle / Windmill Hill
  • Knowle West / Kensington Park / Upper Knowle
  • Hengrove / Whitchurch
  • Filwood Park / Inns Court / Lower Knowle / Novers Park
  • Brislington / Broomhill / St. Annes / Arnos Vale
  • Bishopsworth / Withywood / Hartcliffe
  • Bedminster Down / Headley Park / Uplands / Highridge
  • Bedminster / Victoria Park

The Northern Slopes is a beautiful green space in Knowle, South Bristol with outstanding views of the city. The Slopes are full of wildlife including protected species, foxes, hedgehogs, butterflies and many rare species of wildflower. The Slopes are a space for everyone in the local community to enjoy and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Northern Slopes Initiative is a group of volunteers seeking to maintain, conserve and enhance the Northern Slopes - sometimes called "The Guardians of the Slopes"! because that is exactly what we do.

Together as a team, we:
- Raise awareness of the value of the sites;
- Find out what people think of the Slopes and their future
- Encourage more people to use the Slopes
- Work with others to deliver improvements to the Slopes
- Raise funds to support our work.
- Stand up for the Slopes and the people and wildlife that use them when faced with development proposals
- Make sure that promises to improve the Slopes using monies from development on the Slopes - are actually delivered.

Find out more on our website: https://www.northern-slopes-initiative.co.uk/

We are looking for adventurous 16-25 year olds to join the Northern Slopes Green Gym to gain practical experience in nature conservation.

We meet weekly to undertake conservation tasks across the Northern Slopes, this can include bramble bashing, tree popping, thinning shrubs, improving paths and building steps to make the Slopes more accessible for everyone. We want to expand the group to cover other sites and more times.

The Green Gym is a friendly groups of local volunteers who enjoy getting outside and working together to protect nature. We find it's great for our physical and mental health. We always have tea, coffee and biscuits too!

Please come prepared with suitable shoes and clothes for the weather.


When: Every week

16:30 - 18:30
10:00 - 12:00
10:00 - 12:00

Provided by Future Proof Parks

Contact name
Amy Walsh
Email address

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