Morrisons 'Basic Food Parcel' - great idea?

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on 19th March 2020

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Coronovirus and food deliveries

Morrisons are apparently offering a 'Basic Food Parcel' that can be ordered by phone - weird huh, in these online shopping times? What if enough people in Bristol urged the supermarkets - and for that matter independents too - to follow suit? Vulnerable or less moble people could phone for some basics and volunteers could pick up. Two hits: social cohesion/contact between age groups and neighbours. Sustainable movement around city/reduced volumes of travel. Added bonus: community spirit and feelgood factor boost.

Comment added by Navin14 | 5 months ago

I am willing to help . Best regards, Navin.

Comment added by ZoeGregory | 5 months ago

Hi, such a great idea! I am also willing to help with this, whether it's packing up food parcels or delivering them to the local community. Zoe.

Comment added by Chelseattridge | 5 months ago

100% support this & willing to help:)

Comment added by Victoriaplum01 | 5 months ago

Due to panic buying, a lot of our precious NHS staff are struggling to shop for food and essentials. I had an idea about setting up a food/essentials bank for them but not sure how could be set up, where? Etc. Hoping for some advice and help on here. Thanks

Comment added by Emily Ryan | 5 months ago

Definitely worth organising - maybe needs local gov to take charge? I would gladly volunteer for this...

Jimmy | 5 months ago |

If go ahead count me in

Comment added by Stef | 5 months ago

Hello everyone I'm an Italian professional Michelin star chef I live in badmister west street I would love to share my cookery skills and have a great experience cooking fresh food so my ideas is simple PRIVATE COOKING LESSONS OPEN TO ANYONE ILL COME TO YOU NO WORRIES ABOUT IT....???if you are interested please email me at cheers



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