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Did you know that up to 5 million people in the UK are walking around with undiagnosed high blood pressure? It’s a serious hidden risk factor linked with heart attacks and strokes and usually has no symptoms, so this means people wouldn’t normally ask at the doctors to have it checked.
We are looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to take blood pressure readings throughout May 2020. This will be a commitment of one day per week throughout May (exact day to be confirmed, dependent on location).

This role will support the BHF’s UK wide campaign, in partnership with the International Society for Hypertension to, roll out a community blood pressure testing programme throughout May. This aims to ensure that, not only more people have the opportunity to get their blood pressure checked, but to also raise awareness of the importance of knowing your blood pressure and its links to heart and circulatory diseases.

As a May Measurement Month volunteer, you will support the Community Health Programmes team in taking blood pressure readings of the public within a community setting such as a BHF shop or store. You will play the key role in our goal to help more people to have their blood pressure checked and understand why it is important.
For this year’s May Measurement Month campaign, we are increasing our community presence of blood pressure testing within our BHF shops, which supports a wider programme of activity including blood pressure testing in workplaces and pharmacies. This role will provide an opportunity to either gain a new skill, or utilise current ones, in a community setting to support the BHF’s ambitions.

Key responsibilities
• Ensure a professional, relaxed and friendly blood pressure checking programme
• Be a BHF advocate for the importance of getting blood pressure tested regularly
• To sign-post BHF information and support as part of an onward journey for patients
• Set up of blood pressure testing stations as per guidelines provided
• Record blood pressure readings in line with guidance provided

Skills and Attributes:


• Good communication skills
• Ability to work independently
• Proactive and enthusiastic
• Computer literate


• Existing training and confidence in taking, recording and understanding blood pressure tests. Please be specific on the training you have had in your application.



When: Every week

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