Healthy food for needed people

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on 21st April 2020

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I'm Francisco, I'm a furloughed chef. My idea is feeding needed people with real food without having to ask for money to suppliers or customers. My idea consists in using out of date food, that is being taken off from supermarkets shelves. This food is still edible, and if it is not, the chef has to check what is in a safe and acceptable quality to be served or cooked. It can sound wrong but it isn't. All out of date food's life is too short and can be used after this date is reached. For this idea,

-we will need support from supermarkets to let us pick up the food, chef who are going to check food quality and use the right procedures to make sure the food is properly cooked and safe, using simply ingredients and cooking huge amounts.

-we will need support from local pubs/restaurants during covid19 crisis to let us use their kitchens to cook the food and packaging. 

-We will need chefs who know about food quality, food procedures and how to make simple and healthy dishes. 

- We will need people to carry on with delivery to old and disabled people houses, homeless people, poor and needed people and keyworkers who haven't got enough time to cook for themselves and their family. 

I offer myself 40 hours per week to cook soups, stews, bread, pasta, veggies and simple dishes for people who really need our help. 

This is just an idea but I think nowadays can be really helpful for a lot of people. If the right people give the right help we can do a lot more in the right moment. 

Thank you, 




Idea #1. Added by Kelsey Wathen | 3 months ago

This is a great thought! Would love to get involved.

We would need to make connections with a local kitchen space, local supermarkets to get permission to have their "out of date" food waste. and finally connections with either a food bank or care homes or anywhere else where they would need the help.

Do you have any connections that may help to get this process into place? This could also carry on as a project to help the food waste problem as this is a passion of mine too.

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rosanna | 2 months ago |

Hello. I'm not a professional chef but I've worked in kitchens and I.m willing to help. also i don't have driving license but i would like to cooperate helping with the deliveries.
Please if you are interested don't hestiate to contact me on 07 546 679 697 or I live in Bedminster

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