This platform is a major upgrade on our previous platform and there are plenty of ways to engage in community activities and connect with community members. Here's just some of the things you can do:

Join the community

Why use global social media platforms to preoccupy yourself when you can use Can Do Bristol to help your fellow neighbour? Registering on this platform lets you to connect with your community, and it all starts with your profile:


Every person, group and organisation needs a helping hand from time to time. This platform connects volunteers and volunteering opportunities in Bristol. Registered users can:

Share ideas

Our conversations feature is a fast and easy way for you to start discussions, gather ideas and share your solutions to the issues that are important to you (but remember this is not a complaints forum it's a can-do forum!). Registered users can:

Work together

Our project teams feature is a 'go to' place for planning and delivering projects. Any individual, group or organisation can set up a team space - helping you to step up and take charge of your own destinies in partnership with others. Registered users can:

For queries relating to Can Do Bristol, including any recommendations for this platform, please message The Community Resources team.


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Community Resources Team

Local Authority

Bristol City Council's Community Resources team work alongside communities and partners to help...

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