About the Timebank

Can Do Bristol Time Bank

The Time Bank is a new function of Can Do Bristol, which is being trialled in Southmead, Summer 2020 – Spring 2021.

To pilot the Can Do Bristol Timebank Southmead Development Trust are working in partnership with Bristol City Council.

During the pilot phase of Can Do Bristol timebank we will only accept applications from

  • Can Do members, 18 years or over, connected to Southmead
  • Individual members with an up to date profile page on Can Do Bristol

As a member of the Time Bank you are not a volunteer in the traditional sense. You are part of a community that can make a difference – helping others by offering your time and skills at a time to suit you.

What is time banking?

Time banking is a way of spending one hour of time helping someone out and earning 1 time credit in return. This can be spent on receiving an hour of someone else’s time.


  • Time banking is great for making new connections
  • Time banking is driven by its community members and therefore activities are varied
  • Everyone’s time is valued equally
  • Everyone has skills, knowledge and abilities to offer, that could benefit someone.
  • We all need a helping hand sometimes

Community Exchange

The concept of earning and spending “time” credits is important because it offers everyone the chance to give and receive in equal measure. Without a two-way process, the time bank cannot work as there would be no credits to exchange. On the Can Do Platform we often refer to a Time Bank activity as an “exchange”

Time credits:

  • You can use the time bank straight away. We will gift you 3 credits on joining.
  • You can still make a request as long as you plan on earning credits in the future.
  • You are welcome to donate your credits to another member
  • You may wish to 'bank' credits you earn by helping others and saving them for when you really need them.



Can Do Bristol Time bank is free to use.


Can organisations get involved?

Can Do Bristol is not currently accepting applications to the Time Bank from group, organisations or businesses. If you are represent a community group, charity, business or organisation you can join as an individual.

If your interested in joining as an organisation please contact community.resources@bristol.gov.uk to discuss.This may be something the Can Do platform offers in the future.


How do I get started?

  1. Application: Applications are invited through the Can Do Bristol web platform. Can Do Bristol members can apply here: Timebank Southmead Application Form . You will need to provide your contact details and details of 1 character reference.
  2. Reference check: 1 reference will be contacted to check the applicant’s suitability to become a member of the Time Bank. Referees must be over 18 and not related to the applicant. Referees may be contacted by phone or email and their responses will be recorded with regards to data protection.
  3. Membership agreed – Start to post offers and requests on Can Do Bristol: Your request or offer may not be responded to immediately, it depends on the other members on the platform and whether your offer or request is needed at that time.


Sub accounts:

If you do not have an email address or access to the internet and would like to start swapping skills and time with other people connected to Southmead please contact: neighbours@southmead.org

Sub accounts can be created for individuals without email addresses who want to sign up to the timebank.

Platform administrators (e.g Southmead Development Trust & Bristol City Council) can create sub-accounts for people on the website - the sub account member will not be visible to other members.


Unless you have arranged otherwise, we do not have a process for processing expenses so this is up to you to manage and be satisfied with the arrangement before you begin.

Cancelling an exchange:

Whether you are a giver or receiver, please give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel. As per the code of conduct please aim to be prompt for scheduled exchanges.

Membership criteria:

All members of the Time Bank have a duty to be mindful of others and standards of care that might apply to your activities.

All Can Do Bristol Time Bank members must:

  • Be 18 years or over 
  • Truthfully disclose additional personal details on registering including a contact phone number, address, emergency contact number and contact details of 1 character referee.
  • Read, understand and agree to the Code of Conduct

Your rights as a Time Bank member:

  • To be treated with dignity, care and respect.
  • To have disputes, complaints or misunderstandings investigated promptly
  • Guaranteed Price: One time credit always buys one hour of service, regardless of the nature of the task.


Data Privacy

Information relating to how Made Open collects and processes your personal data through your use of the Can Do platform can be found here. The privacy policy is intended to meet the web developers’ (Made Open) duties of transparency under the “General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”.

Bristol City Council and Southmead Development Trust are included on the privacy policy as organisations Made Open shares data with.

Bristol City Council are the license holders and Can Do Bristol platform managers, Feb 28th 2020 – March 1st 2021. Bristol City Council is responsible for ensuring we only collect the information necessary to provide you with a service, to only share your information when it has a legal basis to do so, and to ensure we maintain the highest standards necessary to protect your information. For more information click on the link: BCC Privacy Statement

For more information on Southmead Development Trusts' privacy policy click below:

Southmead Development Trust Privacy Policy


Staying Safe:

The safety of Time Bank members is very important to us. We carry out reference checks before anyone can join. All Time Bank participants are responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy workplace and for taking reasonable care of themselves and others.

More guidance about staying safe including lone working and reducing the risks of Covid 19 transmission can be found here.

Public Liability Insurance:

The web developers, Made Open, Bristol City Council (licence holders) and Southmead Development Trust (Platform administrators) all have public liability insurance cover.


Queries, feedback and complaints:

Can Do Bristol Time Bank administrators:

Southmead Development Trust:



Bristol City Council:



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